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Monday, February 19, 2007

Excuses Excuses

Ok, so here are the several excuses that I have, which explains my absence from the blogging space. But fellow MBAers, beware this is how life in business school takes over you and you don’t even realize it.


I am almost half way through the first year of the mba program, and it feels like I just came here yesterday. So, I took a blog break for finals back in December, which was then followed by an “unofficial trip” with GSB folks to China. Coming back, the mad rush for OCR started (On Campus Recruiting), and boy does OCR take a lot of time. Here is the fundamental issue, you get into a good business school and you are like, life is good. I have a good “pedigree” (for the lack of a better word) and jobs should be easy. WRONG! You are in a pool of extremely talented people who are looking for the same jobs as you.


At this point, I need to digress and tell you more about what makes Stanford, STANFORD! Inspite of all this internal competition, the spirit within the GSB was unparalleled (there were a few exceptions ofcourse). I never felt that I was “competing” with fellow GSBers, we would hi-5 after interviews, give each other helpful hints and even randomly prep each other up, share “critical” information. Everyone viewed the interviews as a “absolute performance” exercise, where the best person would get the job, but it did not mean that we had to back-stab, hide information etc. I am so blown away by this collaborative culture. I thought that things would become a little tense at this time of the year (as told to me by someone) and I was amazed. People were a little tense, but not with each other. If you want to live and be in this atmosphere, Stanford is the place for you!!!!


So now that campus recruiting is behind me,  I shall be more regular with the blog. The resolution is, atleast one blog post a week (preferably on Wednesday, as we have no classes on that day).


Any comments?