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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Did you know that there is a blogging feature in Word07?

I am not sure if this is a neat feature, but I can now write documents in word and then publish directly from word onto various blogging platforms (blogger, typepad, etc.). Another example of Web2.0? To create a blog article, click on the "new document" and select "blog".

Perhaps the only big utility of this feature is that I can write things to post on my blog on the computer offline. Previously I did that by writing emails and queuing them in my outbox. Guess this is more efficient. Hmm…

The coming weekend is the admit weekend. Woohoooo! We are really excited to host R1 admits. I personally am quite involved in several activities ranging from a campus tour to housing tours to facilitating study groups. It should we fun and we look forward to hosting you (if you are reading this) on the farm. And also make sure that you make the right choice ;).

Will definitely post stuff on this spot about my admit weekend experience (from a student's perspective and not the applicant';).

Cheers and have a great weekend…


Friday, March 02, 2007

On campus recruiting

Ok, so its finally over. Today, I made my choice and its all settled for summer.

Here is the interesting thing about OCR (on campus recruiting), it’s a frenzy!! Most colleges give their students an entire week off for this process. However, at Stanford, this processes in interwoven with our academic schedule, making life, err rather interesting (however, this might change as it is on the agenda of the current student body Presidential elections).

Like a friend said, “First I put in all the effort to get to Stanford to get a great job. And then, Im competing with this pool of extremely qualified people to get a job”. However, the good news is that last year, on 15-20% of the summer internships were sourced through the formal OCR. The primary customers of the OCR process are the consulting and banking firms, as they have their recruitment program institutionalized and they must enroll xx number of people for the “summer batch”. The deadlines of accepting offers is usually early March.

However, a lot of the fun jobs seems to come later, when most companies post jobs on the “Stanford Career Management Center’s job board”. A lot of companies do not have institutionalized recruitment programs and hence they hire students as exciting projects come up.

The problem ofcourse is that a lot of students who do get a job early in the game panic!!! WRONG MOVE!!! A lot of those fun and nice jobs are coming up later. Keep your cool man, and enjoy them. Folks who accept the traditional jobs early on, they cant try these fun jobs, even if they want to!!! Besides, summer internship for a lot of people means going out there and trying stuff that you would otherwise not normally consider. Or did I get this wrong?? Also the summer internship process is more selective, compared to the full time recruitment process and hence disappointment rate is higher now.

Nehow people, next week, VEGAS more info on the VEGAS foam (a few plane loads of GSBers descend on Vegas to party through the night)!!!!