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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rules for the long Road

Some tips from John Morgridge on the last day of class!


1)      Don’t try to do it all by 35

2)      Enjoy each job – each stage of life

3)      Listen but don’t always be looking – opportunity is random

4)                 Wait 24 hours

5)      Don’t put negatives in writing

6)      Learn to forgive – others and yourself – don’t carry baggage

7)      Invest in friendships & a good marriage

8)      It’s OK to just be a member – to start

9)      The art of small check giving

10)                 Set annual mental and physical challenges

11)   Ask questions – be curious

12)   Its often more important to do the right thing – than do the thing right

13)   Make sure what you want to be is what you want to do